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Education Goals


   Hello! My name is Reiss Byrd I am writing this letter in regards on my need for help financially for school.  I served in the military for 8 years served in Afghanistan for a year and got out of the military may 1st of 2005.  Before that I lived in Chicago Ill was left on my own since 16 years old had to find a place on my own and basically had to grow up way to fast in some terms in a good way but at 16 its hard on a kid to do so.
My mother taught me well when I was growing up and taught me the way of living like how to cook, clean, budget money (from what I had), but basic everyday life and work skills. The teachings by my mother has helped me a lot I cant thank her enough for the teachings and being the best role model in my life.  From the age of 16 I have been through so much like getting my own apartment, paying bills on my own, getting and finishing high school, feeding myself and clothing myself. 

All of those things have happen most kids that have happened to joined gangs, involved with drugs, or just stuck at one place doing not much of anything.  I do not judge them for that just wish I could help or something. So finally joined the military, served honorably for 8 years 4 of those I volunteered to come back in to serve my country, and done that honorably.


My needs well would not call it that I say I am asking for help financially for college, which I finally have to go to a college. Even though it is online but I am going to be, working two jobs if I cannot find any help for school sometimes you have to do what you have to do but I am asking for some help. I have done a lot for this country and now I am asking for some help for me.  The college I am attending right now is AIU ( American Intercontinental University), I have a loan out right now which I am paying back with what I have and another $.4110.86, total it $14.110.86 cents but the loan took care of the rest for now. This is only my first year of school I really really want to get my bachelors degree I finally have a chance to obtain this goal of mine and it might fall short cause of financially problems. 

My monthly cost is $44.47 cents along with my $1000 every month.  So its costly but thought I could handle it but I don’t see it happening that way now only with a little help with financial help from a scholarship program or grant which I have put in for but no response meaning I did not get pick to win one.  This is the first time I have ever gone to school on a college level and the first time asking for scholarships first time for everything but new to me but again I am going to try hard for my education and if that means asking for help so be it.

The other reason I am doing this is to be a role model for my sister. She is at that age when my father left me and it scares me a lot I want to show her that ever in the face of adversity, you can keep your head up but with God by your side, you can defeat it. She is doing well and I help her as much as I can financially through the military now I am out so my help is limited but still I help her as much as I can.  There is nothing I would not do for her and to make sure she is doing well in her life and school.
Therefore, I am just asking for help from you, it would be greatly appreciated, and I will show you that it is not going to waste. So thank you for your time and ears to read this letter and hope there is a chance that you can help so again thank you and have a good day.

Thank you
Reiss Byrd

Talk to Reiss


Talk to Reiss